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I am a communications director with over ten years’ experience in corporate, technology and startup communications. I've operated for some of the world’s biggest brands including Sony, Hewlett Packard and Samsung. I've also worked with fledgling companies in the startup arena and run events for for a group I've created of over 4000 entrepreneurs on Meetup.

I differ from most comms professionals because of my interest in how people think and act, making use of a BSc in Behavioural Science and an MA in Marketing. I also continually adapt to the changing landscape by researching all the latest tools and techniques. This insight informs the way I lead audience-centric PR campaigns across multiple platforms.

I have a portfolio that covers every area of the communications spectrum, from government launches and global social media campaigns, to creating computer games and running events at iconic London venues. I am currently freelancing, while searching for the right long-term position in-house.

  • Over 10 years' experience in technology and corporate comms

  • BSc in Behavioural Sciences

  • MA Marketing

  • Advocate of an integrated, audience-centric approach

  • Aware of the latest digital tools and techniques

  • Meetup group of over 4000 entrepreneurs

  • Author of The Seen Startup

  • Startup teacher, mentor and judge

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I support clients in three ways. traditional PR, innovating the communications mix and accelerating startup awareness




Great PR can truly change a business but only if it is delivered in the right way. The media should value anything they receive from you. If you think PR is bombing journalists with stunts, then think again.

I cover every area within the traditional PR toolkit. I have a highly sophisticated approach to media relations designed to build and nurture long-term relationships. I have drafted engaging technical and business copy as a ghostwriter for CEOs and leading industry figures for more than ten years.

I have executed integrated campaigns such as the creation of computer games to represent complex business concepts. I have also created reputation building events for global brands at iconic venues. I have even launched companies in partnership with the government aligned to nationally relevant issues.

I conceive, plan, manage and execute every project from start to finish with the finest attention to detail. I love to work with internal teams and enjoy the management process.

Full case studies are available on this site. Just ask me for the password.




In uncertain times, and with the digital world becoming increasingly congested, many businesses are looking to innovate their communications. This requires an integrated communications approach that incorporates Earned, Owned, Shared and Paid media. To do this, it is important to set a clear messaging framework and align it to a clear market engagement strategy. The content created should then be appropriate for the audience and the channel.

I have closely followed this change and shaped my career around it. Behavioural Science has become an important asset for many businesses. It is exactly the reason I studied it over 15 years ago, and why I focused my MA on internet marketing at the dawn of ecommerce. I understand that technology only provides access to people. It doesn’t provide all the answers. People are unpredictable. To understand them, you must first understand everything that they care about and what influences them. This reduces the uncertainty and saves time, money and wasted effort.

I combine this approach with a continually updated database of digital tools and techniques to gain an edge.  It may surprise you that many communications professionals still use and teach techniques from 15 years ago.

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Startups simply don't have the budgets that global corporations or even scaleups do. In their favour however, they are flexible and agile enough to deliver innovative ideas on very tight budgets. Their communications should be no different.

I have developed a five-stage process for early stage startups to ensure that their communications work together. The stages are all covered in my book - The Seen Startup. I bring together all the tricks and hacks to help them achieve parity against global players. The book covers every area of marketing strategy. It is no magic bullet. It is however solid advice in an easily digestible format.

Embracing startup ambition is a crucial part of the process, a feature which requires a depth of experience. I have drawn on the experience gained from launching startups, attending numerous events, meeting entrepreneurs through my Meetup group, mentoring for NatWest's Entrepreneurial Spark and judging for Mass Challenge.

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eBook - £6.99

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If you would like to speak to me or meet me, then please do get in touch. If you would like to view my portfolio, I’ll send you the password. Alternatively, I hope to see you at one of my meetup events.